We specialize in both residential and commercial comfort with technicians ready to service your HVAC needs across the greater Wilmington and surrounding areas. While both residential and commercial HVAC serve the same purpose of keeping you comfortable indoors, they vary significantly in terms of installation, mechanics, placement, size, and overall maintenance.

3 Key Differences Between Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems

Size and Power of the HVAC Unit

Commercial units are undoubtedly larger and more powerful when compared to the specifications of residential units.  A commercial unit is typically more significant in size, because it is built to perform and withstand the demands of cooling large spaces and larger groups of people.

If you needed to pick out an HVAC unit to keep 40 employees in a 7,000 sq ft glass building comfortable verses a family of 4 in a 3,000 sq ft ranch style home, would you pick the same type or size unit?  Probably not, because each building and group of people create different needs for keeping the indoor climate at its desired temperature.


Typically you will find residential units placed on the side of a house and commercial units installed on the rooftop. While residential service needed on your HVAC unit can be scheduled around your day, a commercial HVAC repair or maintenance check usually takes place during business hours. By installing the commercial HVAC unit on the roof, the unit can be serviced without interfering in day to day business, while simultaneously protecting the investment of your HVAC unit.

Flexible Sizing

Residential HVAC systems are custom selected to fit the parameters of a home in its current living condition. Unlike commercial units, a residential HVAC unit would more likely need to be replaced if a home experienced an expansion. The right system for your home would depend on the structural measurements, number of doors, type of windows, levels of humidity, so the more those factors change, the more likely you will need a different system entirely.

Unlike residential HVAC units, commercial units offer more flexibility and modifications to adjust to the ever evolving demands of any growing business. For example, if a business decided to start occupying a vacant floor with 40 newly hired employees, the existing commercial HVAC unit would not need to be replaced. If a commercial building undergoes any drastic changes at all, an additional unit can be connected to the existing unit to satisfy the new demands of the working space.

It’s More Complicated Than It Sounds

Residential and commercial hvac are two seperate specialties.  It takes years of experience to master one field of study, yet Wilmington Air’s experience allows us to specialize and excel in both. We know we couldn’t accomplish successfully tackling both sides of this business, without the years of experience and advanced training from our residential and commercial field technicians.

Whether our customers need us to take care of their home or business, Wilmington Air will provide our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee every time! Call us at (910) 791-1988 to schedule your appointment today!