Deciding between a residential and commercial HVAC unit is not as simple as whether or not the space is a home or business. Larger houses can require the use of a commercial unit just as easily as a small office building can be adequately treated with a residential system.
The experts at Wilmington Air can help you determine the right kind of HVAC unit for your space by examining the dimensions, number of doors and windows, humidity level, and more. And if you’re expanding your home or building, we can tell you whether or not you need to do the same to your HVAC system.
Both residential and commercial HVAC systems share the same goal but differ greatly in size, mechanics, installation, and maintenance. Luckily, our team is skilled in both.
We have been proudly serving the Wilmington, North Carolina, community for more than 10 years with a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can help you determine whether you need a commercial HVAC system or if a residential unit will suffice. No matter what you need, we will install and repair it for you.
Schedule an appointment online or contact us to learn which type of HVAC system will be right for your space and how we can make it all happen.