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Rooter Plumbing Service in Wilmington, NC

At Wilmington Air, our team of experts provides a professional rooter plumbing service for homes and businesses in the Wilmington, NC, area. Rooter services clear tough clogs, buildup, and root intrusions from drain and sewer lines so they flow freely.

The Importance of Regular Rooter Plumbing Service

Regular rooter service ensures your lines are free from clogs and root instructions. Drain and sewer lines carry all sorts of waste. Hair, grease, food particles, and human waste are just a few things most people put down their drains. Over time, these materials can build up and eventually cause a blockage. 

Our rooter service breaks through even the toughest blockages to clear sewer lines and restore proper flow. View our specials that can help make regular professional rooter services affordable.

Rooter Services You Can Trust

Wilmington Air provides professional, courteous rooter plumbing service in Wilmington, NC, that residents can trust. We strive to meet all your plumbing needs, whether for regular cleaning or emergency rooter service. Contact us to schedule an appointment, where our service technicians will diagnose the source of your trouble and fix it quickly.

Learn More About Rooter Service in Wilmington

Our expertly trained service technicians can diagnose and repair many different types of sewer and drain line clogs. From buildup causing slow drains to root intrusions that compromise the structure of your sewer lines, we will diagnose the problem and explain your options for solutions. Our rooter service safely and quickly removes clogs and may include traditional mechanical snaking of lines, hydro-jetting, and, in some instances, pipe repair.

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