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Why You Should Schedule HVAC Maintenance in the Off-Season

Your HVAC system is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your home or business. Most of the time, these systems work correctly and keep you comfortable throughout the year. When something goes wrong, however, it typically happens when these systems are needed most. Regular HVAC maintenance is crucial to keep your system ready to perform. While you can have this type of maintenance performed anytime, it is generally best to do it during the off-season. Read on to see some of the benefits of HVAC maintenance in Wilmington, NC, during the off-season.

Easier Off-Season Scheduling

It’s easier to get an appointment in the middle of winter or summer, so it can be hard to get an appointment with an HVAC technician because we get swamped responding to emergencies. When an HVAC system has stopped working entirely, repair service takes priority. During the off-season, however, you can typically get an appointment more quickly with more flexible scheduling options.

Less Expensive

If you try to schedule HVAC maintenance during peak seasons in Leland, NC, you may have to accept an emergency appointment or after-hours service. Depending on the details of what you need, this may cost you more than it would during the off-season.

Reduced Risk of an Outage

If something is wrong with your HVAC system, the repair technician may need to replace parts or perform additional repairs. If you have HVAC maintenance performed in the off-season, this is no big deal as your system likely won’t be running. If you wait until the weather is extremely hot or cold, it can quickly cause the temperature in your home or business to become uncomfortable.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Today

Spring and fall are the perfect seasons to schedule HVAC maintenance in the Wilmington and Leland, NC, area. Contact Wilmington Air to schedule a time for one of our experienced HVAC technicians to service your system. You can reach us at (910) 941-0399 or contact us online to book an appointment. 

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