Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Better Health

Did you know the average person spends 90% of their time indoors? Whether we’re dropping the kids off at school or working to meet a deadline at the office, there isn’t much time left to breath in the outdoor air. In fact, the air you breathe inside of your home can be more dangerous than the polluted air outdoors.

Why Not Just Open A Window?

We’ve all been there!  You are at home and it’s a beautiful day outside, so you open the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale air out. What’s the problem? Frankly, there is no problem with this technique, if you do not suffer from outdoor allergies. This is called natural ventilation and we all enjoy a natural breeze flowing through our home on a beautiful day. It sure is an affordable alternative to expensive filtration systems, but what happens after it’s finally time to close the windows or front door?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, outdoor air can enter and leave your house in three different ways: infiltration, natural ventilation, and mechanical ventilation. If your home is not appropriately set up to tackle the everyday demands of sanitizing and filtering the air left inside your home, you could be left with a low air exchange rate and higher pollution levels than there is outside of your home, office, or school.

What Are Your Options?

Wilmington Air understands the wide variety concerns for indoor air quality. Each home or business comes with it’s own set of needs and challenges, whether it be an abundance of humidity, lack of adequate ventilation, or a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, we have the technology and experience needed to tackle all of your indoor air quality needs.

Call Wilmington Air today at (910) 791-1988 to schedule your Indoor Air Quality Assessment before investing in specialized equipment which may not solve the issues your home or business is actually experiencing. We will always provide you will a full consultation to give you the opportunity to have all of your options laid out for you, with an agreed plan to best fit your needs at the end of the day.