Filtration and UV Lights

We all want the comfort in knowing we’ve done everything we can to protect ourselves from the harsh environment around us.  We walk into our homes, in hopes of shutting our doors from the pollutants caused by the wear and tear of our modern day world.
But sometimes it’s the tiniest of problems we forget to tackle, only because we simply can’t see them.

Clean Air for Your Home

UV or Ultroviolet lights serve many purposes this day and age.  Living in Wilmington, NC, we all know to protect our skin from overexposure to harsh UV rays from the sun. What we don’t hear as often, are the benefits UV Lights can have on the overall air quality within our homes.  Unlike our skin, bacteria and viruses are single cell organisms and no match to survive any direct exposure to UV Lights.  So any unwanted mold, germs, or allergens attempting to creep their way through your duct system and into your home, can expect to meet their match with UV technology waiting to tackle the job.

Quick Installation

Proper installation of UV lights, can commonly be found in either two locations within the return air duct system, depending on the intended use for sterilization.  If you are looking for air sterilization, proper installation near the air handler blower will provide the correct placement for sterilizing moving air. If your main interest is to prevent microbial growth on the evaporator coil, then placement of the UV light should be placed near the coil itself.

Whether you are interested in coil or air sterilization, Wilmington Air will provide the options and step by step education needed to help you make the best decision for you and your family.  Call Wilmington Air at (910) 791- 1988 to schedule your in home air quality assessment today!