How to Install a Thermostat Correctly

At some point, most homeowners will be tasked with replacing a thermostat. Maybe the original one finally gave out or perhaps you’ve decided to upgrade to a Smart or programmable thermostat. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s important you install your new thermostat correctly in order to get the optimal performance from your HVAC system. 

Installing a Thermostat

Follow the steps below to install your thermostat correctly. 

1. Purchase the correct thermostat

A thermostat is not a one-size-fits-all product. If your outdoor unit runs both hot and cold air into your home, you have a heat pump system. If your outdoor unit only brings in cold air and you have a furnace that takes care of the hot air, you have a straight cooling system. 

Different systems require different thermostats, so be sure you buy the appropriate one for your home. 

2. Turn off the power

Locate the correct switch in your circuit breaker to turn off the electricity that is powering your thermostat. 

3. Remove thermostat

Use a screwdriver to unscrew and detach the thermostat from the base. Before you unhook any wires, write down which wires are going into which terminal. Better yet, take a picture of the wiring using a camera phone so you can reference it in the next step. 

Once the thermostat is unhooked from the wires, you may remove the base from the wall. 

4. Install the new base

Screw the base of your new thermostat into the wall and thread the wires through the holes in the base. 

5. Wire the new thermostat

Attach the wires coming out of the wall to the new thermostat using your notes or picture as a guide. Some thermostats use a backup battery, so if applicable you may want to insert the battery before completing any wiring. 

6. Attach thermostat to base

Now it’s time to attach the thermostat to the wall-mounted base. Some thermostats might screw into the base while others will simply click into place. 

7. Restore power and program

Turn the circuit breaker back on to restore power to your new thermostat. If it’s a programmable one, consult the user manual that came with it to program the settings. 

Call on Wilmington Air for Help

If you have any trouble installing your thermostat or encounter any other problems with your HVAC system, call on the experienced and highly-trained professionals at Wilmington Air. We provide round-the-clock HVAC repair and maintenance and can have your new thermostat up and running in no time. 

Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment and enjoy your new thermostat.